Golden Eagle Cleaning Service Inc

We take a wide view of your cleaning needs to provide a clean, healthy environment and comfort of trust.


Janitorial Service Information

Phone: 800-506-8697

Fax: 856-374-2236


We want to provide to our customers and their employees  the cleanest working environment. We are a complete service with train professional staffing to maintain standards you require and need.

Our MITC systems add to assurance of time that is spent servicing your needs. When our staff clock in we know they are there. No cover up here. Our system uses Caller ID to a assigned number in your building—we know they are at the location.

No employee covering for another. Our system has as a selection — Voice Recognition —.

If there is a late minute request from our customer, then we can leave a message for the staff on the clock in. All employees must play messages before they clock-in. Therefore you can rest assure your requests are completed in a timely and professional manner.

All employees have a training book which details cleaning procedures, safety, and proper use of equipment.

Janitorial custodian  is a profession that we are proud of and reflect this in our training by our trainers and support staff.