Golden Eagle Cleaning Service Inc

Other Points

We offer all new accounts a 20% discount for their first Steam Extraction, and Stripping

We listen to your concerns and issues and design a cleaning schedule that remedy these concerns with training and follow up.

We serve a clean environment for your staff to work in.

Equipment to increase time savings.

Some accounts require large areas to be covered. Why waste budgets on walking time, when transportations saves walking labor time to cleaning production time, lower costs.

From GROUT Steam Cleaning

We carry the right, effective tools and equipment to make things happen right the first time.

Quality Results that LAST

When we strip, we do not just coat 4 coats, or 5. We coat 7 COATS with a High Quality Thermoplastic Refinish . This lowers your re-stripping cost by allowing a scrub and recoat next time instead of a full stripping. This is a large budget saver, for you the customer.

Restrooms are one of the most important service

A clean restroom is a must.

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